9 thoughts on “Mini E

  1. Great device, I love the concept. Instead of the copper senitive pads on top. Have you thought about using 4 small antennas like the ones used on the Remote Pods. I think it may give the spirit a little more energy field to work with. Just a thought. Hope to hear from you soon.

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  2. Elizabeth,
    I just want to say you remind me of a young Hedy Lamarr, beautiful and brilliant. Without her WW11 invention, which they ignored because back then beauty meant no brains, we would not have Cell Phones today. You’re a credit to women and paranormal investigators, please keep up the great work. I was born in 55 when a woman wasn’t even taken seriously. I however worked for women’s rights and finally worked my way in to telecommunications for 26 years of my life so women like yourself make me thrilled to have spent years marching for the ERA.
    P.S. Loved Sherpardstown


  3. Elizabeth, thank you for your dedication and passion to the paranormal! Your brilliance and talent are a rejuvenating shot that is needed in the field of paranormal investigation.

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